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Sample Chapter2: First Sight of the Restaurant


First Sight of the Restaurant


Slowly the day passed, as I listened to the music in my room. I didn't want to hurt my brother's feelings, so I got ready to go out with him.  Soon, he arrived.

"Nice to see you like this, Jesse,"  Rick told me, happy.

I turned to him, . "Shall we go?" I asked, my voice hoarse.

He smiled broadly. "Sure, sure, come." He nodded.

I reluctantly followed him in silence, We got in the car and Rick started the engine, and then drove me to the restaurant.


When we arrived, the restaurant was crowded. As soon as we entered, a handsome guy wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans came near us with a beautiful smile. His eyes were crystal green. I think Rick already told him we would be there as he seemed to be waiting for our arrival. He seemed very welcoming. as he shook my brother's hand. Then he gently tapped Rick on the arm and said, "I thought that you forgot me." His smile was huge.

A surprised smile played across his face when he saw me. I couldn't see his beautiful, dazzling eyes once again as he stood next to us.

"This is my sister, Jesse." ," said Rick without answering his question.

"Hey. I'm Fredrick." ," he spoke animatedly.

With a swift glance I mumbled, "Hey." I couldn't make my voice any louder, I was so awed by his good looks.

We walked to our table, my eyes scanning everything and Fredrick gestured for us to take our seats. Rick took his seat on my right; Fredrick took one cross from me. I felt attracted to his dazzling crystal green eyes, and told myself to stop looking at them, but it was hard not to. A waiter arrived and asked what we wanted to eat. and Rick ordered my favorite dishes.

 Ricks's phone rang and he hesitated to take the call in front of us. He excused himself for a minute, and left us. I felt uncomfortable with the silence .


"You looked worried." ," Fredrick said in a quiet voice.

I sat in silence for a minute without answering him, and just when I decided to speak, the waiter brought our food.

 Fredrick gasped at all the food that covered the table. "I think this must be all your favorites.3

Without looking at him directly, I asked, "How do you know?"

He shrugged with affected astonishment. "I know Rick's taste." He smiled.

I was dazed for a minute. I winked once, meeting his eyes directly. I saw his beautiful smile again. My mind fluttered and I raised my head slowly to meet his face directly but looked instead at his right side.

A girl came up to Fredrick and whispered, "I can smell the-" She abruptly stopped talking to him when she saw me listening, to their conversation. She whispered the rest directly into Fredrick's ear. I couldn't hear her what she said, but could only think that something terrible was about to happen.

Fredrick grimaced, frowned at her once and turned away to stare, his eyes focusing on something outside the window, which I couldn't see. Fredrick looked unhappy. The girl was still whispering something, and I wanted to ask them about it, but I controlled myself.

Then Fredrick shoved his chair away and stood up. The girl pressed his shoulder, and forced him to sit back down, then gestured for him to watch me.

I lowered my voice. "Is anything wrong?".

Fredrick shook his head, and replied, "Nothing." He paused. "Everything is fine." ," he answered loudly but looked embarrassed and smiled serenely to hide his discomfort. 

     Fredrick didn't say a single word to Rick when he came back after disconnecting his call, but looked at him for few minutes. I felt there was something between them that they wanted to hide from me.

   "You didn't start to eat Jesse!" ?" Rick asked me, glancing at the dishes on our table.

"No." ,". " I was waiting for you," I answered .

Rick seemed to be trying his best to be casual with us even though he looked depressed. We ate our dinner in silence and then left the restaurant and walked out to our car. Rick signed to Fredrick to call him by phone. Then Fredrick looked at me.

"Bye," I murmured. It was really hard to say goodbye to him.

"Bye. See you again sometime," he said with a tranquil smile. His words made me feel somewhat better about leaving him.

We got in and Rick started the engine.

After a few miles of silence, Rick spoke. "You didn't tell me anything about the dinner or Fredrick."

"Nice,"  I answered in a single word and turned to stare outside.

"Nice,"  he repeated, in derision.

"You said it was an Indian restaurant, but they offer a variety of foods." My voice expressed my eagerness to know about the restaurant. I gazed at Rick, waiting for his response.

"Uh, yes, it's famous for Indian food. Fredrick's mom, is from an Indian reservation, and designed the restaurant, but now she is gone," he said.

I turned to him to ask more questions. "Do you like Indian food?" I asked, raising my eyebrows in suspicion.

"Yes, but only since I got to know Fredrick." He paused. "Usually I have my dinner three times a week with him." His face brightened while talking about Fredrick. "It helps me to feel better about everything, but I didn't see him for two weeks." ," Rick said in a disappointed voice.


We arrived home quickly since the restaurant was just two or three miles drive from our home. Mom opened the door when I rang the bell. It was a pleasant surprise. She'd gotten home from the office before Dad.

"Did she enjoy the dinner, Rick?"  she asked him.

"Yes but not as much we thought," he answered huskily.


Rick's explanation disgusted her. He went to his room to avoid her next question.

She walked over to me with a light smile but her eyes expressed some feeling I couldn't read.

"Jesse we all know that you are unhappy and don't wish to stay with us. But soon, you'll like this place." She touched my shoulder, turned me toward her and pressed her lips to my forehead. I bowed my head with a small smile. "Trust me dear," she whispered. I felt her hot breath on my face.

"You know Fredrick?" I asked.

She stood staring at me quietly for a moment. "Yes, he's a nice guy and our family must thank him forever. She spoke quickly. I felt surprised because I knew my mom.  She didn't praise anyone easily. She continued to speak calmly and I could feel the difference in her voice.

"Two years ago, your dad had an accident on a late night drive." She paused for few seconds; . "He struggled there for more than half an hour." The pain in her voice was almost tangible. "No one was there to help him." She groaned and I could see panic in her eyes.

My eyes felt frozen open, as though I couldn't even blink them. I looked up, trying to focus on her.

"Fredrick returned back home after purchasing some materials for his restaurant and saw Reynold struggling for help on the roadside. He took your father to hospital and told Rick." She tried to hide tears in her eyes by turning her head, but she couldn't control the overwhelming tears.

We stood in silence for few minutes. He rescued my dad; he is alive because of Fredrick. I thought about it for awhile until my mom touched my shoulder. That I hadn't spoken much when I met Fredrick this evening, made me feel guilty.

Mom continued slowly. "More than a week he was in the hospital because of heavy blood loss." Her voice had a bitter edge. "Fredrick didn't miss a day visiting Reynold in the hospital." She paused. "He is very kind to everyone - truly a nice guy." She added fervently. "He undertook the restaurant run by his father three years ago."

 I could feel the deepness of the pain in her voice, but I'm angry now. "You didn't tell me about this accident until I asked about Fredrick."

"Why don't you remember that he is my dad?"  I shouted, furious, because they didn't tell me anything about the accident that happened two years ago and it's hard for me to accept.

"No dear," Mom interrupted. "You suffered a severe flu at that time. We thought it would be okay to hide it from you." She paused. "Your granny knew about it."

She tried to console me but I wouldn't let her. For a moment, I thought the reason she gave me wasn't acceptable.

"I am sorry Jesse." ," Mom apologized. "Please go to bed, now. You need some rest and tomorrow is your first day of class in your new school." ," she added reluctantly. She'd interrupted my thoughts and apologized once, which was pathetic. I nodded to comfort my mom since she looked worried.

Yes, she was right. The next day would be a new experience for me and I struggled with new things. Thinking about my new school, I opened the door to my room. It was too dark and I groped for the switch to turn on the light as quick as I could.

   Abruptly, I remembered the nightmare with the vampire and it frightened me. I would have to explore the dreadful dream that made me scream in horror. I hesitated to go to sleep, afraid because I couldn't keep it from my mind and the thought of the vampire's face made me shudder. I couldn't forget her ferocious look, but I tried to forget it for now. I shrugged to felt the reality but it was hard for me to close my eyes. I fidgeted on the bed.





The New School and Sarah


Again someone knocked at the door,  Oh! I had to get ready, . I didn't know where my new school was -I didn't even know how to get there. Many thoughts went through my mind, but there was no answer for any of them.

 Mom entered my room with a smile, her eyes asking me why did I was still in bed. She insisted I do everything quick; my dad waits for me.

I dressed for school and walked downstairs.

"You have to drop Jesse at her school." ," Dad ordered Rick.  "She doesn't know the way there." ," he said grimly, dragging the door open faster to move out. They always frowned at each other while when they talked.

Business means more to him even than our family; he is always harder on Rick than with me. My mom was also getting ready. She was one of the partners in Dad's business. Rick nodded at him and I hurried when Rick gestured for me to come.

We drove in silence for a few minutes until Rick broke the silence. "Do you want me to pick you up this evening?"  Rick asked.

I nodded.

"You were lucky, Jesse, to be with our affectionate granny, . I didn't get any affection here." ," he grumbled. "I felt alone before your arrival, but I'm happy now , and you are not." His pain burst out in his words.

For a moment, I stared at him in wonder. I understood he suffered from lack of affection and care. My mom and dad ran their life like a machine in this mechanical world. Their aim is always to increase their profits.

"No," I answered. He looked at me once and then turned his attention back to the road, with a light taunting smile.

A girl attempted to stop our car. She stood next to her car. I realized there was something wrong with her in it. Rick stopped our car and listened to her.

I tilted my head and watched them.

"There is a problem with my car." She paused for a moment. "Could you drop me off at my school?" She struggled to ask us for help. She finished her request and watched for our reply.



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